Formula: Our Philosophy

We believe in quality over quantity when it comes to physical training. Training for short periods of time, giving maximal effort (in the beginning) with the highest quality of form and technique, gets results. We use a minimal stimulus for maximal growth methodology. As bodies adapt to that stimulus, we increase and add new ways to stimulate growth, development and continue progress: more reps, more sets, more weight, new exercises, shorter rest periods. When we’ve exhausted that 30 minutes window of opportunity of training and our new stimulus methods exceed that time frame, clients are ready for longer sessions or to develop on their own.

We also believe in keeping things stupidly simple: Lift Heavy. Move Fast. Eat Healthy. Sleep Great.

Lift Heavy – Lift as heavy as you can for your ability.

Move Fast – Run, Row, Cycle, Swim, Walk; Just move fast and move often.

Eat Healthy – Fresh fruit & vegetables, organic meats and all that comes natural. P.s Drink plenty of water.

Sleep Great – It’s just as important as training and eating good for progress.